How to Make a Narrow Staircase Appear Wider

Stairways can be challenging spaces to work with when it comes to interior design. It is especially the case for narrow and poorly lit staircases. Moreover, stairways are high traffic areas, and this makes them ideal spots for damping coats and shoes, which makes space feel even more cramped. However, you should not give up on your staircase because you can take simple measures to create an illusion of space. Read on to find out more.

Paint a Staircase Bright

A poorly lit staircase feels more cramped if you paint it using dark colours. Therefore, do your staircase a favour by painting it using bright colours. Notably, bright paints reflect light to other surfaces, thereby making stairs feel wider. Alternatively, you can paint the walls and ceiling using bright colours such as white or cream but leave the steps dark. When someone looks at the steps then looks up, an expansive space meets their eyes. The illusion of ample space comes from the contrast created by bright walls and ceiling and dark steps.

Use a Narrow Carpet

Most homeowners tend to cover the entire width of their staircases with a carpet. However, it only works against a staircase because a carpet makes the width disappear. A better way to make stairs look bigger is to use a narrow rug. A thin rug that fits right in the middle of a staircase exposes the ends of the steps, thereby making a staircase feel and appear wider. However, be careful with the colour scheme you choose for both a carpet and a staircase. Ideally, steps should be brighter than a carpet to achieve an expansive illusion. Besides, you can consult an interior designer on matters carpeting.

Light It Up

Another option for creating the illusion of a wide staircase is to light it up. While overhead lights can do the trick, an inexpensive option is to fix bulbs on the steps. The bulbs concentrate light on the staircase, thereby making each step appear bigger and broader than it actually is. You can also use light strips in place of bulbs since they fit snug along the length of a staircase, and they are easy to conceal. Apart from making steps appear wider, light bulbs or strips also go a long way in preventing accidents in narrow staircases. Most importantly, ensure that you choose bright lighting for stairs as opposed to dim lights to enhance safety.

For more information about staircases, contact a staircase contractor.

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