Three Essential Tips for Installing Outdoor Bamboo Screening

Bamboo screening is ideal for installation in your home if you are looking to enhance the aesthetic appeal or boost your privacy. In simple terms, bamboo panels can be used as simple fencing. The structure will not only serve as a boundary marker, but it will also provide a shield against prying eyes. The panels can also be used to improve the appeal of dull outdoor features. For instance, concrete retaining walls can be covered with bamboo for better exterior design. Regardless of your application, here are simple tips for installing your bamboo screen.

Consider the Optimal Size

It is important to choose the right bamboo elements for your desired application. The most crucial aspect to consider is the sizing of the panels. If the size of the purchased bamboo screening units is not right, you will not enhance privacy or protection as desired. Therefore, you should measure the area in which you plan to set up the structure before you purchase anything. If you wish to conceal a retaining wall or build a fence, you must evaluate the dimensions with care before making an order for the materials.

Choose Suitable Hardware

When installing an outdoor bamboo screen, you must choose the most appropriate hardware for setting up the structure. The hardware refers to the connectors which will be used to place the panels in position. If the hardware is unsuitable, problems such as breakage and rusting will cause the premature failure of the screen. Therefore, you should look at the hardware options and choose the best connectors for outdoors. For instance, stainless steel or galvanised steel screws and nails might be ideal. These are resilient, and they will not deteriorate due to harsh climatic or environmental conditions.

Think About Surface Treatment

Bamboo screens are made using a natural woody material. This means that the panels and poles are vulnerable to damage due to exposure to the adverse outdoor conditions. For instance, the bamboo will change colour due to bleaching when exposed to sunlight without protection. Therefore, it is advisable to plan for the surface treatment of the bamboo screening on your property. In general, the material should be covered with a protective coat to prevent moisture absorption and subsequent wood deterioration. Also, you should use a layer with ultraviolet radiation protection. Additionally, consider treating the material with an appropriate insecticide and fungicide. You will achieve the best results by treating the bamboo before installation.

Finally, you should hire an experienced contractor for installing your screening for optimal stability and longevity. 

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