6 Crucial Steps for a Successful Excavation Project

Whether it's a pool, building or road, every construction process starts with excavation. One small mistake in any earthmoving stage, especially excavation, can cause costly repairs in the later stages of the project. To ensure the success of your project, you must pay attention to the planning and the selection of an earthmoving contractor

Here are six steps you need to take for the success of your excavation project.

1. Erosion and Stormwater Control

Any agitation of the earth surface causes the soil to shift. Therefore, with a project the magnitude of excavation, it is not shocking that erosion will occur. You need to ensure that there are measures in place to control the soil. 

In addition, stormwater needs to be controlled to ensure that the erosion doesn't get out of hand, causing problems such as drainage blockage. Ensure that preventive and curative measures are in place to control erosion, stormwater and detrimental effects arising from the same. It will also keep the inspectors from shutting down your project.

2. Professionalism

Ensure that you hire a contractor who respects the nearby properties when undertaking the excavation processes. A professional will ensure the project does not cause any collateral damage, is too noisy or fails to consider the interests of other people. As the client, it's vital that you hire a responsible and well-managed contractor.

3. Site Management

Whether you do it yourself or is a service provided by the construction company, site management should be a top priority. It includes actions such as entrance construction, risk reduction, proper signage and filing of the piles of soil. Transport logistics are vital and ensure the excavated soil is well managed. The area should be as risk-free as possible and adhere to the local or national environmental regulations.

It would be best if you selected an excavation contractor with site management on the list of its services to prevent unnecessary delays while ensuring quality and timely work. 

4. Time Management

When setting deliverables with your contractor, ensure you are as time-effective as possible. Closely monitor the process using pre-set deliverables to ensure you are working on schedule. The weather, for instance, can be very unpredictable. It can change in such a short while, yet the effects will derail your project for days, weeks or even months. 

Ensure your excavation team is responsible and time-conscious. 

5. Communication

Excavation is a process that requires a large team. It is important that there is ample communication to all team members and between you and your contractor on the project details deliverables, timeline and any impending changes. 

6. Utilities Management

Ensure the company manages the utilities near the site with utmost care. The project should not damage the nearby gas lines, water lines, electricity or any other underground utilities.

A small error during the excavation process can cause you serious repairs or even ruin the entire project. As you look for a construction company, ensure it follows the above-mentioned steps. In case you are not available to closely monitor the work, contact experts with a great reputation who can adhere to the steps even in your absence. 

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