Key Reasons to Maintain Home Air Conditioning Equipment Regularly

Summer heat waves can make indoor living feel really uncomfortable, but with a proper size air conditioning unit blowing cool air into your space, you and your entire household should be able to stay cool during the heat spell. Like other HVAC equipment used in the home, air conditioners require regular maintenance.

Below are a few points to explain why regular maintenance of AC equipment is vital:

To ensure reliable cooling service

Perhaps the most obvious reason why you should maintain your AC unit regularly is so you can keep it working at peak efficiency. With time, the wear and tear of normal AC operation will take its toll on your cooling equipment. Regular AC maintenance helps ensure: clogged filters are replaced; dirty coils and fins are cleaned, and any excessively worn parts are replaced with compatible parts so that the AC system can keep working properly. This helps to ensure minimal interruption of cooling service while your AC is turned ON. 

To reduce AC repair costs

Regular AC maintenance helps to minimise the number of air conditioner issues that may arise out of the normal operation of the cooling equipment. The fewer the repair issues that arise, the lower your AC repair bill will be. By identifying and fixing minor problems before they become full-blown, regular AC maintenance will help prevent air conditioner problems that may be too costly to repair.

To minimise energy wastage

For the most part, air conditioning bills make up a significant percentage of monthly energy expenses incurred by homeowners with AC installations. Dirty filters, coils and fins as well as any worn out parts can cause your AC unit to stop working at peak efficiency but also waste energy. Regular AC maintenance will ensure dirty parts are cleaned and faulty parts are replaced so that your equipment can work properly all the time, thus avoiding wastage of precious energy. 

To increase equipment lifespan

Because every repair takes a toll on the equipment, an AC unit that breaks down frequently is bound to stop working completely sooner than expected. Regular AC maintenance helps identify and fix potential issues before they can lead to bigger problems, which may be detrimental to the lifespan of the equipment.

AC maintenance can either be undertaken by DIY homeowners that are skilled in AC maintenance or professional HVAC contractors. If you're not experienced in AC maintenance, it is best to hire a pro.

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