Three Guidelines on Maintaining Your Wooden Plantation Shutters

Wooden plantation shutters are perfect as residential window treatments because of their aesthetic appeal. In simple terms, the warmth of the timber and the clean design of the slats will blend into almost any type of home. Also, you should note that plantation shutters are quite versatile in their functionality and operation. The horizontal slats can be operated for optimal light control, and the entire shutter can be opened for complete light infiltration.

In general, these shutters are low maintenance window treatments. However, you must perform some upkeep to preserve the appeal and extend the structural lifespan. Here are guidelines to help you get started on plantation shutter maintenance.

Cleaning the Shutters

You should clean your wooden plantation shutters to ensure the preservation of their lustre. Typically, these elements collect dust on the horizontal slats as well as along the frames. Also, some stains can form due to contact with water or other fluids. Fortunately, the cleaning process is quite straightforward. If you are dealing with a simple layer of dirt, you can use a feature duster. A soft cloth will also accomplish the same purpose. If the shutters have been neglected for some time, you can use a moist cloth or wood polish to clean the stubborn spots. If you decide to use a wet cleaning method, then you should wipe the wood immediately to prevent penetration and rotting.

Repairing Paint Scratches

Most plantation shutters are painted to enhance their aesthetics. If you have these types of treatments in your home, you should check the surfaces regularly for damage. Often, the appeal of shutters reduces because of chips and scratches. Fortunately, you can touch up the wood with some paint to conceal the damage. Ideally, you will only need a foam brush and paint in the same colour as your window. You should note that most scratches and chips can be avoided through the careful operation and general handling of the shutters.

Tightening or Loosening Slats

Plantation shutters can lose their functional convenience due to the inoperability of the louvres. In some cases, the horizontal slats might become loose such that they will not stay open in the desired position. In other situations, the louvres might be stuck in the same position such that you cannot tilt them completely. When you experience this problem, you should obtain a suitable screwdriver and adjust the tension screw supporting the affected slats. 

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