Residential Balustrading: Three Essential Tips on Maintaining Your Stainless Steel Railings

If you are planning on installing balustrades in your home, you should consider choosing stainless steel elements. This material has exceptional inherent strength. Therefore, the balusters will provide optimal support along your stairs and around your high platforms. Also, the stainless steel has a beautiful appearance when appropriately finished. The clean metallic lines will merge well with most modern houses.

In general, steel balustrades does not require extensive care. However, if the features are neglected, the balustrading will lose its appeal, and the structure will become degraded. Here are some practical guidelines for maintaining your stainless steel railings.

Cleaning the Balusters

One of the essential maintenance processes for your stainless steel balustrades is cleaning. This task will prevent the build-up of dust and grime on the surfaces of the metal. Also, it will minimise the risk of showing premature signs of wear. For this process, you will need a lint-free cloth and stainless steel cleaning solution. The cleaning fluid will enhance the polished surface of stainless steel. The microfibre cloth will ensure that there are no smudges or lint left on the feature. You should never use acidic or harsh solutions on the balustrading. If you have no stainless steel cleaner, you can use a mixture of neutral dish soap and water. Also, you should not score the surfaces with sharp objects which could damage the finish.

Protecting from Rust

Stainless steel has chromium, so the material is resistant to rust. However, it is not entirely invulnerable because of the high iron content. If standard stainless steel is exposed to harsh environments such as saline conditions, the surfaces will eventually show signs of wear and corrosion. This process will cause the loss of the balustrading aesthetics. Therefore, you should choose products which have a protective finish to conceal internal metal. The plating will prevent the infiltration of water and air. If you have steel balustrades installed already, you should think about applying some protective car wax to prevent the penetration of damaging moisture and chemicals. 

Check for Damage

Finally, you should check your balustrades for damage on a regular basis. This process will help you identify loose fittings and insecure balusters in your railing. Early detection will allow you to perform timely repairs, ensuring that the structure lasts longer. If an experienced contractor installs your feature, you should expect extended service. If not, consult a balustrading expert for inspection and repair to avoid unexpected or dangerous incidents. 

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